Sunday, December 5, 2010

yEAh!!this Is MY BLOG!!!♥_♥

yezza!!!finally i have my own blog!!!
so excited...ehh,,i 4got to wish good morning N clm!!
xleyh tidor!!
tuh yg dpt akuh ktekn kt sinie..
jam menunjukkn dh koi 3:20A:M..
oh TIDAK!!
apew akuh nk wt nie??
mcm2 akuh pkirkan...
finally,,i had done my blog....
oh how excited of me!!

this nytez i think about many things!
cos xleyh tidor yer psl...
bende yg akuh asek berangn n terfikir ialah
                            my beshfrend!!

that always in my mind...
i think i miss them so much...
that my feeling..
what about their feeling..
after i had move from SMKDBDS to SMTJ..
our relationship were slow down break!!!
akuh windu gler nk wt bende2 nie gn dowg:
  • dok lepak2 kt pndk cndwn cmbil gossip!!
  • share our problem!!
  • having a rest time together at kantin skola!!
  • having a lot of fun things together!! 
  • balik skolah together~gether!!
akuh rse t'lmpaw byk klw nk tlis...
alot of wonderfull thing that we had done together!!
tpiw skrunk xlagi...

akuh dengar izyan nk pindh...
sgt sediyh!!
i GONNA mish u damn much!!
tok myza,nysa,wawan,tern,n zeeqah...
good luck..
teruskan idop kowg kt SMDBDS..
itew cyg kowg sgt2!!
hope will meet u all again!

good luck 4 SPM yerp!!
pray 4 our success!

ththaa  clm........
feel sleepy...
Thank You sebab baca entry ni . Jangan lupa like dan komen .

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